Services for Professional Protection Services International
1. Armed/Unarmed Security Services

24 hours a day coverage 7 days a week, Apartment Complexes, Commercial Real Estate Sites / Retail Malls, Construction Sites, Banks, Large sporting Events, Corporate Offices, Film Production Sites, Major Hotel Chains, Asset Movements, Large Cash Movements ( By discrete unmarked units) Retail Loss Prevention

Wedding and other personal events. HOA Sites, Residential protection.

2. Executive Protection/ Bodyguard Services Armed/ Unarmed

We have male and female Bodyguards available.

24/7 protection uncover plain clothes units/ Pick up at private airports /transportation movements, International movements. Celebrate/Sports Figures/CEO/CFO’s High-Level Executives/ NFL Owners. Fortune 500 Companies. Superbowl / College Bowl Games, Actor and Actress. Vacation and out of country protection travel.

3. Security Escort Service
Assisting high level executive to airport/banks/ corp meeting
Protecting individuals and groups from:
Threats, Stalking/Property Damage/Kidnappings/ Harassment
Fully Armed.
4. Private Investigation Services

We work with attorneys of DUI cases, Insurance company cases of fraud, workers compensation fraud case. Company backgrounds, Under cover high tech surveillance, Vehicle, or subject location. All types of accident and DUI review cases for court for attorneys. GPS tracking and surveillance. Drone Surveillance. Expert witness with DUI cases.

5. Consultant
Complete overview of your current security operation, including but no limited to CCTV/ clock in systems/ Threat assessment / coverage of property by CCTV.
6. Training/ Certifications

Each of our security officers is:

  • Former/Active Law Enforcement Officer and/or Combat Military Veteran
  • Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training (AZ P.O.S.T.)
  • Basic Security Officer Certified
  • Armed/Concealed Carry Certified (Applicable to Supervisors)
  • CPR-certified / AED
  • EMT/ Paramedic
  • Active Shooter/Rapid Emergency Deployment (RED) Trained
  • Mace/Pepper Spray Certified
  • TASER Certified (Applicable to Supervisors)
  • FEMA Training/ Riot control large crowd/
  • Some Agents Prior Bomb Techs
  • K9 Operators

Along with our dedicated, high-quality service and years of security experience, it is our training that truly sets us above the rest when it comes to security. Most security companies only require their employees to go through a weekend of basic training, which is extraordinarily little compared to the extensive security guard training we provide for our security officers in Arizona. Our weather and lifestyle have us putting in more hours than most security companies.