Law Enforcement Veteran owned and locally operated company with a highly trained team with unmatched expertise, skilled in protecting your assets.


Professional Protection Services International meets your security needs in an ever-changing global environment. Every highly trained member of our Phoenix-based company is dedicated to the protection of you and your assets.

Every member of our team is a current or former law enforcement officer and/or a highly trained retired military member, Navy Seal, or Army Ranger, just to name a few. Our staff receives ongoing training to ensure they’re up-to-date with constantly changing security environments and technology.

We offer a full range of security services, including:
  • Executive protection
  • Armed and unarmed security guards
  • Bodyguards and VIP protection
  • Asset Movement
  • Security consulting
  • College Campus/ Condos/Apartments
  • Special Events
  • Major Hotel Security
  • Warehouse Security
  • International Travel/ Vacation Protection
  • Hostile Work Environment
  • Strip Mall / Banks
  • Corporate Offices

Contact us today and make sure you’re protected from any possible threat.


Your choice to hire a private investigator is serious. You need to trust that your private investigator will work efficiently and discreetly. When the stakes are high, there is no substitute for experience.

At Professional Protection Services International, we combine our unmatched experience with state-of-the-art technology to ensure your needs are fully met. Our highly qualified private investigators have worked with a wide variety of clients, from spouses that suspect their partners of infidelity to multiple Presidents of the United States of America.

The broad experience of our private investigators is a sharpened tool we use to overcome any challenge.


State-of-the-art equipment helps us overcome any challenge we encounter in the field. GPS tracking, aerial drones, and advanced forensic tools ensure your private investigator has a distinct edge while handling your case. If you believe someone is hiding unethical or illegal activities, we have the tools to discover the truth.

As the premier private investigator working in the great state of Arizona, the following are just a few of the cases we can help you resolve:

  • DUI cases
  • Workers comp fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Infidelity
  • Corporate espionage

No case is too small or too large for our private investigators. If you require evidence to prove your suspicions, contact us today.


Our highly trained bodyguards offer reliable executive protection and VIP security for anyone at risk from public exposure. If you spend any amount of time in the spotlight, your personal security is always at risk, both directly and indirectly. When trouble arises, our bodyguards are trained to anticipate and act as deterrents so that you remain safe.

We offer VIP bodyguard protection for a variety of clients, including:

  • Executives
  • CEOs
  • Athletes
  • Celebrities
  • Politicians
  • Fortune 500 Companies / CEO / CFO

Our experienced bodyguards work domestically and internationally and have experience working high-profile events like the Grammys, Oscars, and super bowl and college bowl games. We have worked with NFL owners, celebrities, professional athletes, easily recognized executives and two presidents in different terms of office.

If peace of mind matters to you, put your trust in the bodyguards at Professional Protection Services International


To the untrained eye, trouble seems to spring up without warning. However, our experienced bodyguards have the vision to detect threats ahead of time, whether they are planned or merely opportunistic.

To further ensure your safety, your bodyguard works directly with you and your team to strategically assess any situation and fully understand potential threats. With today’s world constantly changing day by day.

When it comes to your security, there is no room for mistakes. Leaving anything to chance can lead to unexpected challenges that quickly spiral out of control. To ensure your safety in any environment, our bodyguards develop a comprehensive security strategy fully tailored to your unique situation.

The best bodyguards are always present but seldom seen by the untrained eye. Effective bodyguard cloaking is only possible with comprehensive advanced planning that identifies and mitigates every risk. Security strategies for VIPs must also be flexible because unforeseen events are never an excuse for putting a client at risk.


We almost hate to call our team members “bodyguards” because they offer far more than the word denotes. With extensive military and law enforcement backgrounds, they have the experience required to anticipate and deter any threat. They also have the real-world security experience needed to mitigate the particular issues you face as a VIP.

Most importantly, they will respect your requests and listen to your input. Our bodyguards are hospitable, friendly, and always professional. If you need extra care, they will willingly meet your needs. This is the customer service aspect of bodyguard service that is often overlooked by other members of our industry but it’s something we take very seriously.


Every member of our security team is rigorously trained and must meet stringent requirements that maximize their ability to handle any situation. Threats can materialize at any time, so we provide our bodyguards with every tool they need to anticipate threats, mitigate risks, and confront challenges head-on.

Ongoing training ensures our bodyguards are up-to-date on current law enforcement techniques and technology. Even more important is their understanding of security response protocols that ensure they remain professional in even the most trying circumstances. Making split-second decisions in the field requires in-depth training, advanced planning, and the utmost professionalism. You should never settle for anything less from your bodyguards.

All of our bodyguards have certifications and clearances that include:

  • Criminal history clearance (local, state, and federal)
  • First Aid, CPR, and AED
  • Drug testing
  • Aggressive behavior management
  • Former Bomb Techs
  • Hostage Negotiators
  • FEMA Response Teams
  • Riot Control/ Large gathering.
  • K9 Handlers ( From Bite K9’s to Tracking Hounds)

We can provide you with armed or unarmed bodyguards based on your needs or preference.


Our unarmed & armed security guards are law enforcement officers and highly trained retired military members, including Navy Seals and Army Rangers. All of our unarmed & armed security guards are highly trained and certified to offer the highest levels of protection in any situation.


Unarmed security guards can be highly visible or invisible depending on your particular needs. When dressed to match other people in the environment, unarmed security guards are often referred to as “plainclothes” or “undercover” agents. There are a number of reasons why you may want your security blend in, such as when protecting against shoplifting or theft.

High profile unarmed security guards act as a deterrent. They often wear uniforms and are outfitted with gear that includes flashlights, radios, and formal identification.

Another indispensable tool used by our private investigators is our state-of-the-art computer system, which allows us to keep track of our employees and locations in real-time. From report writing to location scanning capability, we can instantly track all movements. Our software systems effortlessly generate daily reports and weekly reports, including graphic results, photos, and videos. We even have a client portal so that you can access these reports and be informed as your case develops

State regulations allow our armed security guards to carry firearms while on duty. We ensure that all of our unarmed & armed security guards have the necessary training and certification to handle their duties and protect your assets. If you have any questions about our unarmed & armed security guards, don’t hesitate to contact us today

Mike Kikes is a former decorated Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputy. He served with the department for more than 15 years and previously serviced with a local police agency for two years.

Before Deputy Kikes started his law enforcement career, he served as a Paramedic Firefighter in California for 7 years. Deputy Kikes was a trauma paramedic and flight medic and his responsibilities were to respond to major accident scenes and critical trauma situations.

Deputy Kikes was selected to the Board of Supervisors for the Medical Care Committee in Stanislaus County in California in 1990 and received numerous awards for saving the lives of his patients.

In 1993 Deputy Kikes moved to Arizona and a year later he entered the Law Enforcement Program, graduating in 2005. He was hired by a local police department where he oversaw the DUI Task Force. In 2007 Deputy Kikes completed his DRE training and was certified.

Deputy Kikes was transferred to a Special Assignment Unit in 2008 to work with the TOU (Tactical Operation Unit) as part of the tactical entry team Swat Team and patrol various Districts of Maricopa County.

Deputy Kikes joined the Sheriff’s Executive Protection Detail for the Security of the Sheriff by request and served on the team for approximately 3 1/2 years. He was the Lead Deputy for the Sheriff and was honored with the Sheriff’s Distinguished Service Medal in 2012 for outstanding service in protecting the Sheriff. This is the highest award given out in the Sheriff’s Office. He has also been the recipient of other high awards , Chief Award, Deputy Of the Quarter, this honor was bestowed upon him out of 600 Deputies.

Mike Kikes’ extensive experience and excellence in law enforcement give him a unique perspective in the professional protection industry. He brings an unwavering dedication to his company and the people whose protection he diligently ensures.

“I have been dedicated to protecting other people for almost 20 years of my life. My commitment to excellence and conviction to provide my clients with the highest level of service has never waivered. In any company, responsibility starts with the owner, which builds trust in every team member. That trust filters down to every single customer whose interests we protect. Make no mistake, every member of my team takes their job seriously and is committed to taking care of your needs, no matter the size of the job.”

  • Mike Kikes

Just some of the services we offer at Professional Protection Services International include:

  • Professional investigations
  • DUI cases
  • Expert training
  • Armed & unarmed guards
  • VIP protection
  • Bodyguards
  • Private investigator services
  • Insurance fraud
  • Marriage infidelity
  • Background checks
  • High-tech surveillance
  • GPS tracking
  • Missing persons
  • Home and office debugging
  • Vehicle sighting and locating
  • Risk assessments


We are fully bonded and licensed and Insured in the State of Arizona. Contact our office today and put your mind at ease by working with the Professional Protection Services International Team.